July 29, 2015
Baseball Commissioner Manfred Declines to Reopen Buck Weaver Case

07.29.2015 Read the reaction of Chicago Baseball Museum President Dr. David Fletcher...
07.20.2015 Read the letter from Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred...
03.23.2015 Read the letter to Commissioner Manfred from CBM President Dr. David Fletcher...
03.29.2013 Read a letter from Buck Weaver's great-great-niece Kristi Berg...
07.01.2015 Read John Owen's article from the Chicago Tribune, "Buck Weaver's family pushes to get 'Black Sox' player reinstated"...
07.03.2015 Read Greg Couch's article on vice.com, "How Baseball Has Spent 96 Years Punishing An Innocent Man For The 1919 Black Sox Scandal"...


The Case to clear Buck Weaver:

Issue 11 11.09.2005 - Special Edition Newsletter: The Case to clear Buck Weaver

President Obama supports Buck Weaver’s reinstatement:

President (then-Senator) Barack Obama’s letter to Commissioner Selig - 11.25.2005
It has recently come to my attention that several Chicagoans with a great interest in baseball…

Commissioner Selig’s response to Barack Obama – 12.06.2005
I certainly understand the great interest you have in the reinstatement of George Buck Weaver.

In Memoriam:

Tommy Foy, Buck Weaver's last batboy
Tommy Foy died Saturday just short of his 97th birthday. He was the batboy for the Ft. Bayard Veterans circa 1925-27. As I'm sure you know Buck Weaver played in the Copper League during those years and for the Veterans for one and a half seasons.
Last April I got a great quote from Tommy:
"Hal Chase and Buck Weaver were rehabitable I think but Chick Gandil and Eddie Cicotte were scoundrels through and through."
Tommy was also a Bataan Death March survivor and long time New Mexico State Legislator. The Silver City Sun News has a nice article about him although it doesn't mention his time as a batboy.
from Mary Darling

John "Buck" O'Neil: 1911 - 2006

Joe Benz Jr.: 1921-2006

Ted "Double Duty" Radcliffe: 1902 - 2005

Campaign Updates:

Read the Chicago Tribune story, "Buck Weaver's family pushes to get 'Black Sox' player reinstated" on ChicagoBaseballMuseum.org

Kristi Berg, granddaughter of Pat Anderson; Pete Rose; and Sandy Schley, daughter of Pat Anderson,
Champaign, IL, October 2013.
Kristi Berg, granddaughter of Pat Anderson; Pete Rose; and Sandy Schley, daughter of Pat Anderson, Champaign, IL, October 2013.

Interview with Patricia Anderson, Buck's neice

Direct link to YouTube video...


Rose reinstatement could pave way for Jackson, Weaver and others 07.30.2009
In 2005, Obama requested probe of Weaver suspension (see letters above)

The Baseball Reliquary Hilda Award Press Release 07.11.2005
The Baseball Reliquary recently announced Dr. David Fletcher…as the recipient of the 2005 Hilda Award.

Chicago Baseball Museum: January 19, 2005
Dr. Fletcher recently hosted the first advisory board meeting for the Chicago Baseball Museum

The Black Sox: 85 Years Later 10.05.2004
Chicago Historical Society 1919 World Series symposium

National Shorthand Court Reporters Association 07.31.2004
Dr. Fletcher recently spoke to the NCRA annual convention in Chicago, IL.

Society for American Baseball Research 07.16.04
ClearBuck.com campaign members attended the annual convention in Cincinnati, OH.

University Debate 05.13.2004
Dr. Fletcher had the opportunity to share his knowledge of the Black Sox scandal to a class of DePaul University freshmen this month.

Comiskey Statue Educational Session 04.22.04
The ceremony was private and the statue had a security guard.

ClearBuck.com is now a division of SafeWorksIllinois 04.01.2004
ClearBuck.com is now an established company with Amber Buchanan working full-time as the organization's vice president.

Nine: A Journal of Baseball History and Culture 03.15.2004
ClearBuck.com founder speaks at 11th Annual Spring Training Conference

Archived Newsletters:

Issue 11 11.09.2005
Special Edition Newsletter: The Case to clear Buck Weaver

Issue 10 10.22.2005
White Sox Win World Series; Sports Songs and Beyond; Mike Downey’s Chicago Tribune article; Chicago Baseball Museum; Judy Baar Topinka honors Dr. Fletcher

Issue 9 06.09.2005
ClearBuck.com turns two; Chicago Baseball Museum Update; Dr. Fletcher honored by the Baseball Reliquary with the “Hilda Award"

Issue 8 09.30.2004
Chicago Historical Society program; Chicago Baseball Museum; SABR, NCRA Conventions

Issue 7 06.30.2004
Baseball in Chicago; DePaul University seminar

Issue 6 04.22.2004
ClearBuck.com on “The Today Show”; Comiskey statue rally

Issue 5 02.27.2004
Commissioner Selig correspondence; Join ClearBuck.com at spring training

Issue 4 01.29.2004
Visit ClearBuck.com at SoxFest 2004

Issue 3 12.19.2003
Chicago Lincoln Inn of Court stages mock trial for Jackson and Weaver

Issue 2 10.22.2003
Notice of Marjorie Helen (Cook) Follett’s passing

Issue 1 09.17.2003
ClearBuck.com campaign launch a success


Buck Weaver and Babe Ruth
Buck Weaver and Babe Ruth

Chicago White Sox

October 3, 1919
Comiskey Park I 35th and Shields, Chicago Illinois
Second Inning
Score 0-0

Bottom of second innning , Shoeless Joe Jackson smashes a single to left off Ray Fisher.

Happy Felsch bunted toward Pitcher Fisher, who throws wild to second. Jackson and Felsh end up at second and third.

Cincy Manager Pat Moran brings the infield in with no outs. The fix ringleader Chick Gandil raps a single into right field between first baseman Daubert and second baseman Rath. Cincy rightfielder Greasy Neale heaves a late throw to the plate to cut down Felsh (who was seen as trailing Jackson in in the photo) scores easily. Gandlil takes second on the throw.

Two batters later, with Gandil on second and Risberg on first (courtesy of a hitsbatsman), Sox catcher Ray Schalk bunted.

According to the 1920 Spalding Baseball Guide:  his bunt between Fisher and Groh (Cincy thirdbaseman) was a beauty. It looked like a safe hit, but Gandil loafed on the play and was forced at third by a step on Fisher's late toss to Groh.

Gandil's loafting going to third base was cited as some observors as one the "fixed" plays of the series. It did not matter because Little Dickie Kerr won the game 3-0 for the White Sox. Gamblers Sleep Bill Burns and Billy Maharg lost everything on Game Three because they had bet the Sox would lose. Thus the series of "doublecrosses" was started. 

Please note Chicago Tribune ad in Center Field and that Comiskey Park had rooftops like Wrigley Field until the 20s when Comiskey Park's outfield Grandstands were constructed. This is what the Bridgeport neighborhood looked long before the construction of the Dan Ryan freeway East of the Park in the 50s.





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